My Story


How I Got Started


When I checked my body weight on December’19 last year, I recorded it to be 114 kg. And now, after a gap of just 8 months, I weigh a perfect 81 kgs.

I was no different from most of you, with a history of failed attempts at taking up weight-loss challenges in the past.

However, things were different this time; something motivated me to stick to my fitness regime. ”This time, I was very strict about the weight loss challenge thrown at me.”

Even though I tried to lose weight many times earlier and failed, but this time there was the most important influence behind taking up the challenge and completing it successfully.

“My Daughter”

”In November, last year, I went to play with my 8-year-old kid and couldn’t keep pace with her and she commented “Dad, you are too fat to play, when will you become fit so that we both can play for a long time”.

That hit me hard….. Really hard.

She made me understand how my health condition and overweight could also impact the time I could give to my daughter. And that’s exactly what I was bothered about.

I did not want my health to obstruct the little time I could give to my daughter,”

Thus started my motivation for the weight loss journey

My desire for weight-loss was never about good looks. It was more about being in a form that was healthy and sustainable.

”It was all about living a healthy and better life for my own benefit and for the people around me”

After all, isn’t that how all of us would like to define the ”best version” of ourselves?

When I look back to the last month of 2019, I never imagined that I would be writing this in the mid of 2020. It was one hell of a journey!

Stop quitting, Stop giving Excuses.

What is Hard, Do it First

What’s is your influence to shed the extra weight and be fit?


What’s your reason to continue embracing an unhealthy life?

Inspired by my own transformation journey and a passion for healthy living, I decided to launch this new brand Re-Radiate that will be solely dedicated to health, wellness and fitness. My aim is to bring resources and products together that caters to the needs and lifestyle choices of people who want to eat healthy, to be fit and to be the best version of themselves. 

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