The Mission

Re-Radiate was launched amidst the challenging times of COVID-19 when I realized how important it is to have a strong immune system, to eat mindfully, be healthier and get fitter.

While Re-Radiate focuses on bringing together resources and knowledge bytes, I am in the process of finding solutions to get a range of healthy food products that will harness the goodness of Nature and organic products and blend them with exciting innovative tastes.


Re-Radiate brand is started to inspire mindful eating and improving the quality of life by promoting hacks for healthy eating.


The brand values we uphold are-

         Healthy and Obesity free India.

            Care for Community,

            Focus on Improving Health.

            Innovation in a healthy eating lifestyle.

            Uncompromising attention to Wellness,


As a person benefited from a Healthy Weight Loss Program, I understand the importance of eating healthy and actively seek to make healthy choices for the core target market.


 In principle, the brand is conscious of maintaining a healthy eating lifestyle.

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